proceeding against copyright infringements

as a provider for the deletion and clarification of copyright infringements of our clients, we are, among other things, forced to report them accordingly to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare also processes these and forwards them to its customers. for example, we receive this message:

“We have notified our customer of your report.
We have forwarded your report on to the responsible hosting provider.”

if nothing happens, why is Cloudflare not able to block these websites/offers via Cloudflare? because only forwarding the report according to the motto “out of sight out of mind” does not help here. Cloudflare promotes the copyright infringements.

is there a contact person at Cloudflare for such cases?
are there providers who have made similar experiences with Cloudflare?

It is possible that you misunderstand both Cloudflare’s role and responsibility. It has already been discussed to death here as you will see from :search: search results.

Here is a relevant and informative Cloudflare Blog post from the fall of 2021.

thanks, i know how Cloudflare and its cdn work and that Cloudflare is not chargeable because of such copyright infringements. so my question wasn’t because of this.

it’s said “that Cloudflare’s abuse reporting system is designed to put copyright holders in the same position they would be if the websites at issue were not using our services, by connecting copyright holders with the hosting providers and website operators” … and there is the problem. why does Cloudflare accept working with other hosters/clients who ignore/take no action while receiving takedown notices?

is Cloudflare not able to put pressure on the partners/clients if credible copyright infringements have already been reported? yes, Cloudflare has no obligation to check or follow up on them since the content is not owned by Cloudflare. but if the forwarding to the respective partners/clients does not work because they ignore it, the partners/clients get the opportunity to use Cloudflare as 1st protection, so to speak.

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