Problems without www

Hello Cloudflare Community,

We are facing a technical challenge that we hope you might be able to assist us with.

Recently, we implemented some changes on our website,, and we noticed that users trying to access the site without the “www” (i.e., just typing “”) are not being correctly redirected to “”.

We’re using Cloudflare to manage our DNS records. Here are the details of our relevant DNS records:

In addition, we’ve also set up a page rule on Cloudflare to handle the redirection. The rule is set up to redirect all requests from “*” to “XFLAVORS” with a 301 redirect.

However, for some reason, the redirect rule doesn’t seem to be working correctly. We’ve checked the syntax of the rule and believe it is correct, but the redirection is still not happening.

If any of you have come across a similar situation or have any insights that might help us solve this issue, we would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

Best regards,

That basically says it all. You cannot use any Cloudflare features if you do not use Cloudflare as a proxy.


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