Problems with WooCommerce - suddenly

Our charity WooCommerce store was working, but now WorldPay can’t communicate and no WordPress mails are sending. This means that our orders are being all marked cancelled.

We did not change any settings. We are getting callback failures from WorldPay and emails generated in WordPress and WooCommerce are not making it through. The emails stopped working a few hours before the callback failures kicked in. Yesterday it was working fine, and has been working fine for months. Online other forums point to Cloudflare causing the issue with the handshake.

Does anyone have any experience on why this would have suddenly started happening since yesterday? Or have CloudFlare run updates or anything that has caused this?

The WorldPay error is:
Our systems have detected that your callback has failed.

This callback failure means we were unable to pass information to your server about the following transaction:

Transaction ID: 22025916802
Cart ID: wc_order_q5mqRMFqcuZZO-10027-1621703278
Installation ID: 1413731

Error reported: Callback to: failed CAUSED BY Remote host terminated the handshake
Server Reference: ukdc2-pz-pay113:callbackFailureEmail-86931:MerchReq-385-71

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but does not appear to be proxied by Cloudflare. Did you either Pause Cloudflare, or change your :orange: proxied records to :grey: DNS Only?

No, absolutely nothing changed, by chance I have a screenshot of how it looked a month ago and I’ve compared the two and they are exactly the same. I actually wouldn’t even know how to pause CloudFlare?

We have two entirely separate installs of WordPress - one at and the other at
In both cases emails can’t send, and the WorldPay callbacks are failing on
All of it was fine yesterday.


Pause Cloudflare is on the Overview page for your domain at

Since your site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, you’ll need to get a WC developer to see what’s wrong with the order and mail system.

But it is not working on two entirely separate installs, one WooCommerce and WordPress, and one just WordPress. The WordPress community has already said it must be CloudFlare, Worldpay have said it must be CloudFlare, but I can see CloudFlare not wanting to take responsibility. Nothing has been changed anywhere.

Your two separate installs are in the same hostname that’s not proxied by Cloudflare. I’d love to see what evidence the WordPress community and Worldpay have that points to Cloudflare.

You’ll see that the connections to your site have nothing to do with Cloudflare. Unfortunately, it looks like you’re hosted on GoDaddy…so good luck with getting help from them. But if you find evidence that Cloudflare is interfering with this, please do let us know so we can offer suggestions regarding your Cloudflare settings.


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