Problems with wlan, why?


I can’t explain it, but I can’t open my website from my Wi-Fi, or it’s very slow. I’ve checked everything, and the Wi-Fi is working correctly. There are no issues with any other websites. What could be causing this?

Thank you!


Are you able to provide the output of the following two commands:

The way you described this issue, is its intermittently unavailable or very slow only from your wifi, so assumed you tested from another connection (e.g. mobile connection, and it is working fine?) this makes me suspect a networking issue, although you do describe it not affecting other sites, it may be along the network route to your website/webserver.

You could also update your local host file to point to your web server IP address, to see if you still experience the issue –

This may help isolate if the problem is maybe something on your origin web server, or host that is potentially a problem.

Hope this helps!

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