Problems with webmail. Can I exclude email from Cloudflare?

Hello! Ever since I activated Cloudflare and moved my DNS settings to CF all external email programs refuse to syncronise with the mailserver at my domain.

I feel the easiest solution would be to exclude all mail from Cloudflare caching.
Is there such option and how do I set it?

Windows 10 webmail gives such a general error code (0x80072af9) that it’s useless, as it applies to numerous Windows errors. Gmail on Android says “There was a problem while syncing this folder.” - also too vague…

I have tried to understand this post Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare but I have to confess that it is beyond my technical understanding, particularly since the screen captures don’t match what I’m seeing in my dashboard.

Cloudflare doesn’t let e-mail traffic pass, so the easiest solution here would be to simply make sure that the hostname you put in the IMAP/POP and SMTP settings is set to :grey: in the DNS settings.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m unclear as to where I set these the IMAP/POP and SMTP. (In cPanel?)

Sorry, so far email just worked without any intervention by me… So what’s clear to you is a mystery to me. :smiley:

Wait, let’s start again for a moment. I assume in your e-mail settings you put something like or, correct?

If your domain in active on Cloudflare you should have that same entry in CF’s DNS tab on the dashboard. Make sure that is :grey:.

If for some reason that same hostname is the same you use to access the webmail and it requires HTTPS on it then we’ll see later :wink:

So I set this in the Cloudflare dashboard to the cloud symbol with that arrow going over it?
Correct? iIn which case it says DNS only instead of cached.
Please confirm if I understand correctly… :wink:

Correct, it needs to display as :grey: instead of :orange:.

Thank you VERY MUCH!
It worked… (y)

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