Problems with Warp Service not connected to ICN in Korea

Hello, I’m a warp user living in Korea.

In recent weeks, however, warp services have not been connected to the Seoul(ICN) area. Rather, it’s routing to the NRT, LAX, and even LUX. This is happening in both warp and warp+.

Of course, I know that it is difficult for all users to connect to Seoul because of the terrible network fare system in Korea, but I don’t understand because this has not happened so far.

If it’s not about the network fee, is there another problem with the service in Korea?

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This problem happened about 2 weeks ago.
I will attach

I want to know the exact answer too.

When using Warp+

When not using Warp+

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It’s a routing issue. Routing networks are expensive. You should call on your ISP.

Well, There are many ISP in South Korea.
But all ISPs have this problem. (KT, SKB, LG U+)

I think this is a Cloudflare problem.

The same symptoms occur in Korea Telecom, SK Broadband, and LGU+, the three major telecommunications companies in Korea.

In fact, not only me but also many WARP users in Korea suffer from the same symptoms. I would like to know the details of this problem because it has never occurred since the launch of the WARP service in Korea.