Problems with ttfb

Hello everybody

I’ve tried to implement a affiliate show on my homepage with datafeedr.

All in all it looks fine now, but I have a big problem with the load time for alle product category
pages when i load them first time and when I switch page or search for products.

It sometimes takes over 10 seconds for the page to load… I can see that the problem is ttfb and my server response time, but what exactly is causing it and how can I fix it?

It works fine on all other pages - it’s only the category pages.

You can see an example her:

That will be a server issue. You seem to be using Wordpress and thats a common issue with it. You can use the search here to find similar issues and answers, however in general this topic is not Cloudflare related and hence better taken to e.g. StackExchange.

For what its worth, for me it loads reasonably fast.

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