Problems with the ports

I know that Cloudflare doesn’t support port 8000 (my program uses that port).

One of my questions is, if I change my programs port to 8080, how do I configure Cloudflare to take that port?

My other question is, If I purchase Cloudflare Spectrum, how do I configure Cloudflare to take port 8000?

If you move to 8080, and your program is using HTTP (not HTTPS), then you just connect to

If you purchase an Enterprise plan ($$$$$$$) to use Spectrum, you’d configure Spectrum on a new subdomain at port 8000 to connect to the host’s IP address on port 8000.

Oh I see. And for example, I have already a domain and its linked with Cloudflare. What I’m trying to do now is to create a subdomain and link it with Cloudflare, the problem is the port. I suppose that the port I have with my subdomain has to be the same as my domain? And just add the IPv4 to Cloudflare and should work automatically?

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