Problems with subdomains


I’ve configured Cloudflare for two of my subdomains and and when I want to reach these subdomains I get error message:

"This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


In my domain DNS domain settings we configured Cloudflare nameservers (, and on Cloudflare we want to test traffic first through that 2 subdomains (how it looks like in Cloudflare DNS settings you can see it here

What may be the problem?

Well, the message is pretty clear. It cant find “www.test” and that is because you havent defined that record. The reason why it tries to find it in the first place will be a redirect which your server sends when you send a www-less request.

Either remove that redirect on your server or set up these records. Keep in mind though, “www.test” will work on HTTPS only if you have purchased a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare.

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Ok, thanks for your reply.

I’ve setted up also a CNAME record now and bought a dedicated certificate.

Now it works fine but I have to go on site only throught because doesn’t work.

One more question - when I typed domains for this dedicated certificate I typed

Does this wildcard * mean that will be also resolved?

Because I didnt typed

I have to be sure that this is fine before I push production site through Cloudflare.

That host does redirect to “www”, however on port 442. You might want to check your server configuration.

Yes, it does, though it is not about resolution, but rather which hosts that certificate covers.

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Thank you Sandro!

We pushed production site and it works fine!

Thanks again!

I have one more question.

I have only one site on Cloudflare - whats the main difference between Dedicated SSL (5$ cost) and Dedicated SSL with custom hostnames (10$ cost)?

I have only one site ( with several subdomains - can I have Dedicated SSL (5$ cost) and it will work?
Because it protects and *

That * will resolve my several subdomains right?

As I mentioned originally

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