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Hello, for the past two days i had problems with SSL and CloudFlare. Last night i woke up with my website down due to a Error 403 from cloudflare. I had to turn off CloudFlare and add my DNS`s from my hosting provider back just to fix the problem. I removed the website from cloudflare and tested it again. The problem was still happening , people ware unable to connect to my website. Something is broken in my cloudflare account. I need some assistance with this.

I think errors ware made because of MISMATCH url. Or something like that

Right now i have removed my website from my account because i cant afford to have my website down until i find out whats wrong with cloudflare. I even bought a new SSL for my website and installed it. Everything workes fine now but i dont have my cloudflare protection.

If anyone can help me fix this problem. Thank you.


No one has any idea how to fix this? im unable to use cloudflare right now. if i activate it everyone gets errors from SSL not safe and such. Even though i have full SSL already on my website. I need cloudflare but i cant activate it until i manage to find the problem.

What settings should i use in “crypto” tab?

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