Problems with SSL and YOLA

Hello, first, I’m not at all computer literate and at wits end. It was confirmed that I installed the security certificate successfully on my website but I’m still getting the dreaded red triangle. On chrome, explorer and apple devices. I’ve had other people test it and the same. I ran a diagnostic and it says I may have mixed content errors and some other issues I don’t understand. SInce I am using YOLA, all pictures, videos, etc are uploaded to them first. Is this a yola issue or some other issue. Yola support is slow. I’m losing business because of this issue and I don’t have the capability of figuring out what to do. I have utilized every resource on cloudfare to fix the issue and still nothing. I don’t know how to end this because I’m not at ALL knowledgeable about any of this. I’ve spent 3 days trying to figure this out and still not working. Does cloudfare have someone that can go into my account and remedy this? Thanks

Sorry, Cloudflare doesn’t rent out their engineers.

I don’t know what YOLA is, but whatever you have running, everything should be working with HTTPS before you add a site to Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?

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