Problems with South American Edge Facilities: Chile


I’ve noticed some very odd malfunctions with the Chile edge facility. Primarily the concern is that traffic is mostly routed around the Chile PoP towards Argentina if you’re in the Enterprise plan, to Brazil for and to Miami and then Los Angeles if you’re in the free tier.

On April 25th and 26th, however, there was a small window where things looked correct for only the free tier (but both Enterprise and were not routed appropriately).

I’ve been seeing very strange behaviors all week, although this is the first week I’ve looked at this. Just now, April 27th late evening, I noticed that the Chile edge facility is marked as re-routed.

I’m a little concerned as to what’s going on with the far-South American edge facilities specifically because the structure of network access is very restrictive for traffic not “terminating” in-country. Meaning that if our users cannot reach the edge proxies in-country, bandwidth tends to be severely limited and of course TCP performance will generally be worse for most consumers.

Can anyone shed some light on this please? I am very surprised that the team wouldn’t be all over this to make sure that they are terminating in-country wherever CF has an edge facility.

Thank you.

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