Problems with setting up a CNAME record

I use protonmail, and as part of my DKIM set up I created 3 CNAME records in line with their instructions.
I’ve repeated the setup (for and DNS Checkers seem to show there is no CNAME record present. But I can see it on my Cloudflare dashboard…

Any suggestions?

Well, you didn’t say which records, so it’s not really possible to say much, but if you are talking about the default records, then these seem to be in place.

nslookup -type=cname
Address:        canonical name =
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Looking online doesn’t show this outside Cloudflare?

Well, these are the wrong queries of course. You need to query the records you set up.

In short, your setup should be fine.

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Thanks for the help; looks like it was a case of waiting for record to propogate AND remembereing NOT to proxy the CNAME.

DKIM shows, and proton is happy!

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