Problems with RocketLoader + Image Optimization

Hi guys,

I got two problems and need help :slight_smile:

#1 Rocket Loader (check the video)

When its enabled the header on mobile is buggy and the desktop version gets a twice refresh…

#2 Image Optimization: Screenshot by Lightshot
As you see its enabled but its not working on my page. I already disabled polish and used this more than a week but nothing happend.

I use prestashop.

If anyone can help me, I would appriciate that!
Thank you!!

Rocket Loader usually doesn’t work well with some websites, so it’s recommended to not enable it if your website has some glitches after enabling it.

Image Resizing requires modification to your HTML page, particularly the image URLs. Developer needs to apply query strings onto each image URL to define how to resize the image while loading it.

Image Resizing is also pay-per-use, if you don’t need the advanced resizing capability, activate Polish is sufficient.

Thank you sir!

I think its possible to resolve this issue, because rocket loader makes page quite faster in my opinion…?

It is possible to enable a media server in prestashop for that… Do you have experience with that? I think that it the way to host images on Cloudflare and not on presta itself

They already have it recently:

I don’t think so, unfortunately.

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