Problems with resources - error 522

Hello community,

Have several wordpress websites working with Cloudflare free plan, everything worked fine till some days ago.

Now, some parts of my websites doesn’t open and if i check the browser console i can see this error in several files:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 522 ()

If i turn Cloudflare off (orange cloud on dns settings), everything works ok and fast.

Also notice that, with Cloudflare on, if i turn VPN (other country location) on opera, everything works ok, but if it’s off, i get that error.

I thought i might be my ISP blocking something, but i tried in another server (with Cloudflare on, same settings) and everything it’s ok. Maybe Cloudflare is blocking those websites server ip?

Can you help me please?

Best Regards

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Sounds like it could be a regional network error. I’d recommend opening a support ticket with the information you included above and if you can include the ray ID and other diagnostic information when the 522 error is displayed in that ticket it may aid in determining root cause.

Thank you sir,

Already opened a support ticket with this problem.

Thank you