Problems with redirects

My site is laghss. edu .in. It is hosted on Google sites. I have been a user of Google Admin Console, and has used the option to redirect naked domain to www. laghss .edu .in. I have enabled full ssl in Cloudflare.

  1. When I simply type laghss .edu. in, it redirects to https:// www. laghss. edu. in. Fine
  2. When I type http:// laghss . edu .in, it redirects to https :// www. laghss .edu .in. Fine
  3. But when I type https:// laghss .edu .in, it shows error 525.
    Please provide me a solution.

You’d be better off handling the redirects with a Page Rule:
Match:* and add a Setting for Forwarding URL (Code 301) to$1

That should fix it.

The problem is not the forwarding but an invalid SSL configuration on the origin’s side.

Correct, so if the OP can avoid hitting the origin for the naked domain, they can redirect it here and then go to the origin for a successful connection to www.

Not sure what you are trying to say. The problem is the OP apparently configured Full and does not have a properly configured origin. No redirect will fix that. He either switches HTTPS off altogether or - God forbid - to Flexible or fixes his SSL issues.

www works over SSL. They only get an error when hitting the HTTPS naked domain at the web server. If they can redirect that naked domain request before it hits the web server, they redirect to HTTPS ‘www’ which works.

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Yep, I noticed that only now. True, in this case a redirect would fix it, didnt check https://www earlier.

Still, fix your origin configurations, people! Please :pray:

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It worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

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