Problems with redirection

I try to redirect “expeditiongrekland dot se” (ex on newzenler platform) to my new site: "greekexpedition dot com.
According to the support of my web-hotel all settings are right and the DNS settings on Clouflare seems right: I created 2 new A records and deleted Zenlers old CNAME records. Still I get the error 523, the origin web server is not reachable and the redirection does not function. The support of my web hotel says they cannot help in this case. The DNS settings seems right but the domain is still pointing to Zenler.
Any ideas what can be the mistake?
Georges X.

We can see the redirection is taking place now.

The most common mistake is not having a proxied record for expeditiongrekland dot se.

The incoming traffic for the hostname referenced in visitors’ requests must be proxied by Cloudflare (also known as orange-clouded).

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