Problems with redirecting https

Why my site doesnt redirect to https on another devices (not my pc)?


Seems to redirect fine.

On which devices do you believe it does not?

on my iphone , notebook etc

Which operating system are you running on the notebook?

When did you add the domain to Cloudflare?

added today, 6-8 hours ago, windows os

In that case it might be a DNS propagation issue. Wait a couple of hours and then try again.

i got problems like ERR_SSL_VERSION_CIPHER_MISMATCH or just connection without secure (screenshot)

but on my pc all work good

Whats the output of these commands on your notebook?


1 and 2) sent 4 got 4 lost 0 avarege time 33 s
3 and 4) untrustworthy answer

Thats not the output. You need to post the output.


Precisely, as I mentioned earlier you still resolve the previous address. Wait a couple of hours or try to clear your DNS caches.

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will it be automatic?

Another actual issue is, that you dont have an SSL certificate on your server. In that way your site cannot be secure to begin with. You need to fix that first and install a proper certificate on your server.

i just got info that i can make free ssl by redirecting

No, no, you need a certificate on your server. You can install a Cloudflare Origin certificate for example, but you still need that on your server.

you mean on service where i bought domen?