Problems with RateLimiting


i did not use or payd Rate limiting but Cloudflare is rate limiting me if i work on my website, i checked my settings but it is disabled. what can i do?

Have you whitelisted your IP address?

Can you describe what happens? How have you determined you are being rate limited?

i just get rate limited i have no idea … it comes from Cloudflare but the ratelimit is off

I see that the “Protect your login” button is greyed out. That only happens on my sites where I’ve already enabled that feature. And there’s no “You’ve used x of x Rate Limiting rules.” message. That doesn’t look right.

You still didn’t say if you’ve whitelisted your IP address. I recommend you open a Support Ticket to find out what’s up with your Rate Limiting rules. It doesn’t look right.

You see my both screens … how can i be rate limited if it is OFF… HOW?!

As I said, something doesn’t look right with your Rate Limiting options. Here’s what it should look like with no rate limiting. And, for the third time…whitelist your IP address.

i am not interesting into whitelist my ip i am interesting into fix issues if the forum will public i will get thousend users with rate limiting should i whitelist any users ip … not a solution

Do you have a Cloudflare Worker running? the “free” Cloudflare workers are limited to 1000 requests per 10 minutes.

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