Problems with PTR

I am trying to get a PTR record for my site but am struggling to set it up.

Even though i have a PTR record added in the the DNS settings whenever i try to perform a reverse DNS lookup it doesnt come up with my domain (it only comes up with the PTR that my ISP has registered).

I dont know if i am doing something wrong, but i have added the PTR record with ‘name’ set to my ip address and with ‘value’ set to

Is it related to this guide where he mentions that Cloudflare PTRs are not used for reverse DNS but instead for forwarding.

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to set up a PTR with dynamic DNS support?

PTRs need to be set by the IP owner and you need a static IP for it.

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Ok, will contact my ISP. Thanks for the help and quick reply!

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