Problems with proxy settings. Can't enable https on website

Hi! I recently decided to host a website from home using wampserver (
probably not the best way to do this, but I’m new to these things) and I wanted to proxy the domain through cloudflare so I can get that https. As of now it all works if I only use the DNS service, but as soon as I try to proxy, I get an 522 error. I got it all to work fine at the beginning, but then something happened and now I cant get it to work.

In the picture below I have changed my ip to “(My ip)” and the link to “”. They all share the same ip and the link is written the same way as for example, the other ones are my subdomains.

Any help is appreciated!

WAMP, since it uses Apache, should let you install a certificate. You can use a Cloudflare origin cert for :orange: Proxied hostnames:

I really didn’t understand any of this to be honest and I’m stuck at step 2 when trying to use the apache httpd method. I don’t know where that terminal is. If it helps, I’m using win 10 pro with a normal install of wamp. Here I’ve set it to listen to the local ip if the pc and then port forwarded that.

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