Problems with NS (domainextension .pro)


A few weeks a go I transferred 8 domains to the CloudFlare DNS.
7 out of the 8 domains are online, and are working fine.
All the domains that are woking, have the extension .nl or .art.
Just one domain won’t be accepterd by CloudFlare… It’s stuck at “Pending Nameserver Update”

I’ll tried some rescans, and even removed the domainname from the CloudFlare system… No luck…

My webhostingpartner said that the problem is at CloudFlare. All the nameserver checks online give the right NS, olga and terin…

Is there someone who had this same issue, and can and wil help me to resolve it?

The domain is:

Strange enough, the last week, I could reach the website, and now it is offline…

Thanks in advance

Hello Sandro,

Of course.

Hunted is a game that we play in our own hometown. It’s a competitive game for +/- 125 people. is the main-website where users can register, and find all the info.

On a sub-domain we create the gameplay website.



Alright, thanks for the clarification.

The issue seems to be a broken DNSSEC configuration

Make sure the values entered on your registrar’s site match what Cloudflare provided. Or temporarily disable DNSSEC altogether.

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