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Hello, I have an additional domain with GoDaddy (, currently that domain is added in Hostgator where our main page is; however they are trying to change the names of the servers of to the same ones that iquartil. net that are some with Cloudflare, however these changes were made more than 3 days ago and the average update time is 48h; it has been more than 72 hours and the domain names are only updated in some countries but are not updated in its entirety, I do not know why this configuration if any additional step is required or something like that; thank you.

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Did you add the nameservers shown in Cloudflare for that domain, or just change them to ones that had been used before? The nameservers are assigned on a per domain bases. While they often are the same pair across all domains in an account, it is not always the case. It is important to not change the nameservers until instructed to by Cloudflare.

Please confirm in your dashboard that you have used the correct pair on nameservernames.

More possibilities are covered in this Community Tutorial.

The nameservers that appear in (iquartil. net) are the same that I redirected to, which are associated to cloudflare, but in I do not take the names of the servers.

No entiendo. ¿Qué significa eso?

What I mean is that in, is not taking the NS that in theory should be the same as iquartil. net, taking into account that the change of NS was made, these NS are associated with Cloudflare and are well written, I attach an image of what happens with


I do not know if you really understand what I am trying to say?

There is no reason to expect the nameservers to be the same. The only way to know which two names you should use, is to confirm in your Cloudflare dashboard in the DNS for the exact domain.

What nameservers are shown in Cloudflare for

You also appear to have an invalid DNSSEC configuration which would cause problems even if the DNS servers are correct. | DNSViz
DNSSEC Analyzer -

Okay, I’m going to explain everything again, in case I didn’t make myself understood at some point.

I have an additional domain with GoDaddy (, currently that domain is added in Hostgator where is our main page which is iquartil. net; however we are trying to change the NS of iquartil. es to the same that has iquartil. net that are one with Cloudflare, this in order to connect the domain with Hostgator hosting; for this reason the names of the servers would be the same; now a question arises in the main panel of Cloudflare in the Zones section I have only added iquartil. net, should I add

I hope now to make me understand with the problem I have

Yes. If is not in Cloudflare it cannot use Cloudflare nameservers. You have to add the domain to Cloudflare first.


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