Problems with my SSL certificate and cloudflare DNS

Its been hours since I activated SSL on my site

But I got errors trying to view my site on gmetrix and pingdom CU’s of the SSL and my site went offline for hours. In my SSL section its still showing “Universal SSL Status Authorizing Certificate”

So I had to deactivate my Cloudflare DNS so that I won’t loose much traffic.

Please I need help on this cause my main purpose of using Cloudflare DNS for my site has not been accomplished till now

How many “hours”? It can take up to 24 hours until the certificate is active.

Thanks for your reply… Its not really up to 24 hours.

Hope if it eventually comes active I can switch on my Cloudflare DNS?

DNS is already active, proxying currently is not.

OK I guess its those two options I toggled on the DNS.

But what’s the proxy not being active… Will it affect site speed in any way?

Right now you are not proxying, so you are only using Cloudflare as DNS provider and cant use any of the other features from their security and performance portfolio.

OK thanks for the reply…

Lemme wait on the SSL status


Its pass 24hrs but it is still showing Universal SSL Status Authorizing Certificate

My flexible Universal SSL is showing active for my site on Cloudflare.

however, it’s still showing as an unsecure ssl connection in my browser after clearing cache. Please help me solve this issue

Working fine for me. Try clearing your cache.

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You website looks fine here. Secure on both desktop and iOS devices.

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It’s been more than 24hrs after selecting the full SSL for my site but its still showing “Universal SSL Status Authorizing Certificate”. Please need help on this


Thanks it’s working well now

I have the same problem for the domain . What should I do to activate SSL?

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