Problems with my site on https - take2

My website, is protected by Cloudfare.

But when seeing the site on http, there are no errors:
But when seeing the site on https, I need to click refresh multiple times, before i can see the site.

I almost everytime get: Error 525, ## SSL handshake failed
But it not always, so sometime is working.

I have ask a question to Cloudfare support, but the point me in the direction of the community forum…

I have now try to disable the proxy part, and then the website is look to work fine.

Regards Kenneth {redacted}

PS: Problems with my site on https

As I mentioned three weeks ago already you have an SSL issue on your server.

Where do you test the site from?
I have try to test it from SSLLABS, and there are no problems there… ?

The link is right in my previous response.

That SSL issue is the reason for the 525 and that needs to be fixed on the server.

Currently it works and so it does on Cloudflare.


Either your host fixed it or you have intermittent server issues. The latter you need to clarify with your host.

As long as your server breaks SSL connections you will get 525s. That’s their very job.

Thank you

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