Problems with Mailgun and DNS

Hi guys, I tried many times to set up Mailgun on Cloudflare and added new DNS Records, but every time it fails.

So I use HEROKU as my hosting provider for the app and Cloudflare for SSL and everything else what they offer.

But when I try to set up automatic email sending via Mailgun it always fails. Can anyone help me here.

Here is the feedback I get from Mailgun guys:
Hello Goran,

Thank you for your patience on this!

At this time, upon utilizing a third-party propagation checker, I found the following results regarding _""_ DNS:

- MX are successful:
- CNAME is absent:
- DKIM is absent:
- SPF is showing two entries - please try to consolidate them into one using multiple _"include:"_ parameters:

In this case, it may be best to contact your DNS host (Cloudflare) for assistance with DNS entry as it does vary per provider. They should also have access to the DNS control panel to help add the records as well as insight into why all of your records are not propagating in a timely manner.

Please let us know if any other questions arise.

Morgan | Mailgun Support

Your CNAME is set to :orange:. It needs to be set to :grey: by clicking on it and saving the change.

DKIM needs a special value that’s set by that mail host. You’ll have to get it from them.

I don’t see two SPF entries. But you can confirm this by looking at your Cloudflare DNS records.

My favorite place to test this stuff is

Thanks a lot @sdayman!!!

as for DKIM I useed the values they gave me. Do you see anything weird here?

That looks properly formatted.

Thanks @sdayman!!
This really. helped!

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