Problems with integrating W3Total Cache, CloudFlare & Stackpath CDN

Good day, guys,

I am using the W3Total Cache plugin with Cloudflare extension enabled. I would like to add Stackpath CDN and having problems when I turn it on. The website will not load properly and throwing 504 errors.

I have checked with Stackpath, they advised me to add their IP addresses to the Firewall whitelist in Cloudflare. However, the IP list is too long.
Please advise on the best way to resolve this.


You’d only need to add their IP addresses if it is actually them who access your site. Is this going to be the case? I’d rather doubt it.

Post a screenshot of the error and post the domain in question.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your response. When I enable the StackPath CDN in W3Total Cache plugin the website content will not be visible. I have configured it as per this guide

This is a screenshot of the errors that appear.

But these errors do not come from Cloudflare, they come from your CDN provider. You will need to clarify with them why their servers throw 504s.

That seems to be something time-out related,, but thats really something only they can clarify.

When I contacted Stackpath, they cited that Cloudflare is blocking their IP addresses and I must whitelist their IP addresses
How do I bulk white list this?

That is exactly what I addressed in the very first response.

Is that the case? If so, you will need to manually add the addresses, of course you could also write a short script that imports the addresses with the API.

But if they just proxy your content, why wouldnt you simply use Cloudflare?

Yes, let me just use Cloudflare.

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