Problems with icons

Hi All, after activated CF, I see that the icons on my website are disappeared, but only in some pc or mobile. Probably CF is in conflict with my Fast Velocity Minify or my WP Supercache.
Can some help me? This my ws:

Awaiting for an asap reply

That is not exactly a Cloudflare issue, I am afraid.

Check out your browser console, there is a tonload of errors, all referring to resources trying to be fetched from

It is not clear why you did it but somewhere in your configuration you must have specified that URL, for whatever reason. You cant do that, you need to point to the actual server where you host your resources, which is presumably your own domain.

Tks, solved

I’m quite inexperienced, I created this site for fun and some bullshit is normal for me to show up. Thank you so much…

But now the speed time caused by TTFB is very high:

Don’t know if you can see the image

That will be because your server is not fast enough in answering. Once resources are cached by Cloudflare that should be better as long as they are cached.

Also, use the search as these issues have been discussed more than once already.

Tks Sandro,
I’ll do

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