Problems with Google News

I have installed Cloudflare Pro Website, on 29/09/2018
Then of this, my site that is included on Google News started to have problems with the indexation just on Google News, since I put Cloudflare.

Our portal is

Currently doesn’t on Google News, example:

What I gotta do?

I cant explain why you don’t get any results, but:


aahh. my fault. past 24 hours. I see.
Do you have any firewall or page rules active?

Hi Mark
I don’t have firewall or page rules activated.

Currently the news is appearing, but under filters and doen’t like featured news. This gotta appears on relevance, like before.



I guess, since the change we have something like a penalty by Google, also on search.

Today I put:

  • Cache No Query String
  • Always Online, off
  • Show AMP logo before links, off

Do you know what other thing can I do?

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