Problems with Firewall block

Hello we have blocked an IP address from accessing our API system but it seems it still accessing the site and gets a 403 error, we thought when a firewall blocks something it should stop it from hitting our API?

On our Firewall stats, it is saying its blocked, on logflare logs it says

POST | 403 | x.x.x.x | 5xxxxxb |

Should it not even show 403 on logs shouldn’t it be blocked before it hits site?

I tried blocking my VPN IP and when I log into the site or apx it does not show on the logflare site… so I assume that’s working… is there anything else I can try?


If you configured a rule to block a request in “Firewall Rules”, then any request that matches that rule will get a 403 (in the browser it shows 1020). The request will not reach your origin and will be logged in “Firewal>Overview” as a block.

You can run a curl to test it: curl -I

If you get a “403” and “Server: cloudflare” then it was blocked by Cloudflare.

You can disable the rule and try again and it should return “200”.

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