Problems with email after move to cloudflare

I setup a website on cloudflare and set all the mail dns to dns-only. Since the move, the website is performing great. But now I am told they are having email problems. I didn’t change any of the email dns records, just brought them over so it’s difficult to understand why this might be happening.
If I run mxtoolbox (chatGPT suggested this tool) it says “DNS record not found”.
If I run LeafDNS (found in a previous topic) it says “the parent nameservers do not have your nameservers listed”.
I also ran checkmycloudfare and it came up with an issue for email of two SPF records so I combined those and that runs fine now.
Email is for
Any help appreciated.

That is quite a broad description, only some of which may involve anything in your Cloudflare settings. Can you explain what sort of email problems are being encountered?

From the DNS screenshot provided, the mail for that domain will be delivered to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. Proxy status of :grey: DNS Only appears on all relevant records. There are some records that reference reg365 that may not be appropriate. I would evaluate their removal.

I am not an email person and I did not set up email. I was hoping to just bring it over ‘DNS only’ when we setup the website on cloudflare. I spoke to the client. She says that, when she tries to send a new email, she gets a message ‘this message can’t be sent, please try again later’. And emails that she read were showing up as unread. It sounds like it’s not able to connect to the email server.

I’m not sure how to even start diagnosing this. I’ve asked her to get the email person in touch to help resolve. It’s just strange that it was working before we got setup on cloudflare and now its not. I realise it could be an email server issue but I’m not sure how to check that. And this is the only change that we’ve made so it just seems it may have something to do with the dns records and cloudflare. :thinking:

What records (that reference Reg365) do you think may not be appropriate? I can follow up. And thank you.

You will want to confirm with someone who knows the correct configuration for this environment, but the following contain values that appear to be out of place when using Microsoft 365 email.

  • autoconfig
  • imap
  • pop3
  • _autodiscover._tcp

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