Problems with email after change of name server

I have a domain at OnlyDomains. We have changed our Name server to Cloudflare as we use Cobiro, which uses Cloudflare.

My problem is now that I also have changed my email setup previously handled at OnlyDomains. How do I set it up again - and do I do that here at Cloudflare? We use Gmail as client.

Yep, you do this at Cloudflare. You will want to head over to the DNS tab ( and you can modify your records.

You can follow this guide from Google on what the records should look like: Cloudflare: Activate Gmail for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help
(I believe you’re using Google Workspace now, correct?)


The problem is though, that we dont have an account on Cloudflare, as we are Cobiro users. Cobiro uses Cloudflare as a name server service, so what do we do?

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