Problems with DNS

Hello! I am new in this community and i am from Italy, nice to meet u all.
I was using DNS since 2018 but in the last months i had problems with the
reachability of some websites. In particular i use a system of video surveillance and this DNS does not allow me to connect to their server (in other terms the app that i use to stream the live cameras doesn’t work). I am sure it’s a DNS problem because if i use other DNS the problem disappears. It’s about 1-2 months that i have this problem. What’s the reason? Is it caused by any type of block by cloudflare?

Thank you all!

Can you post the website/hostname you connect to when viewing the system? Chances are the website has an issue with either eDNS client subnet, or DNSSEC, which would cause a failure when trying to resolve the domain.

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