Problems with connecting through CloudFlare

Hi, I got a problem that someone cannot connect to my server, website works fine, but he can’t join to the teamspeak or minecraft server. He has to use the IP address, but when I pause Cloudflare support he can connect.

Just one person? And it works for everyone else?

Generally, it’s because it’s using a port that Cloudflare doesn’t proxy. Here’s a list of what port Cloudflare does proxy:

One person that I know of. It works for me and thousands of other people. So how to solve that? When he types “” he can connect, because it reveals the real IP address, but when he tries to connect with just the domain it shows Cloudflare’s address and he can’t connect.

Is everybody else connecting to, or are they connecting to

As I said, Cloudflare doesn’t proxy many specialized apps’ higher port numbers. So why don’t they just connect to Isn’t that what they’re supposed to be doing?

I base this upon your comment that the subdomain points to the real IP address, but the main domain points to a Cloudflare Proxy IP address.

Everybode else connects through I have set the same address to every domain and subdomain, even if you connect to you will be connected to the real IP.
I don’t want to use subdomains.

It sounds like you have teamspeak and Minecraft running on the same server. Correct? Would you happen to have a website on that domain as well?

This implies they’re running on different port numbers. Do you know which ports they’re using? From what I see, Teamspeak runs on Port 9987, which is not proxied by Cloudflare. If this is true, the question is “Why can everyone else connect to Teamspeak on your root domain?”

To clarify: the domain and the subdomain ultimately point to the same IP address, but the main domain is proxying through Cloudflare. Correct?

I have everything on the same server. Minecraft uses 25565 port. Main domain is proxied by cf.

Again, I’m surprised it works. Here’s another similar thread that looks unresolved:

I guess I will just stop using Cloudflare

Sure it does :slight_smile:

Well. It works like a charm for me @hammerxpl (sorry, i didn’t say hello ^^)

Since access to the page works it sounds like a network thing and issues connecting to specific ports on this Cloudflare IP or net range.

Which OS does he use?
Any AV running or other “intelligent tools” like Zonealarm?
On which port is your TS running?
Oh, and last but not least: what’s th error in hin TS client

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