Problems with Cloudflare's Newark Data Center

I’m having an issue connecting to a website thru Cloudflare. “cryptoswapprofits dot com”

If I VPN to any other part of the country it works but not when going thru Cloudflare’s Newark data center. This has not previously been an issue. It just began Thursday.

Is there an issue with the Newark data center?

All Cloudflare IPs have been allowed through the server.

By the way, I’m getting an Error 521, it seems to be happening to everyone in this region.

According to Cloudflare’s status page, there’s no issue with EWR currently.

Code 521 means that Cloudflare is timing out when trying to connect to your origin server. Can you check any logs you might have to see if it’s rejecting any requests coming from Cloudflare for any reason?


Thanks :slight_smile: it was the firewall on the server.



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