Problems with CloudFlare's Email Logic for signing in

CloudFlare has some bad email logic which needs to be fixed, because I’ve just been locked out of an account with no way to retrieve it.

When an email hard bounces, CloudFlare adds it to their Do Not Send list and that breaks

  • Login Authentication: You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognised IP…
  • Forgot Password
  • Forgot Email

I’ve had this issue with CloudFlare before, where they wouldn’t send a Verify Email email because one email hard bounced, and this is a ludicrous programming decision.

As we’re business, we manage our own email domain, and we can create or delete email address so our hearts content. In this scenario:

  • CloudFlare was signed up as a manager.
  • Manager left a long time ago and CloudFlare wasn’t updated
  • Manager’s mailbox was archived and email address removed
  • I’ve gone to log into CloudFlare to update the credentials, CF decides it doesn’t like my IP and sends the Auth Code email, which bounces.
  • I log into the email system and add an alias for the old manager to my mailbox so I can get the Auth Code email and update CF
  • CF will now never send an email to that old address, no matter what I do.

I don’t know of any other organisation that assumes that because there’s been a hard bounce, the email address should be blacklisted forever.

  1. Please advise how I get access to my account
  2. Please fix this ludicrous business operation logic, there are some emails that should ALWAYS be sent, including Login Authentication, 2FA, Forgot Email, Forgot Password, Verify Email, etc.

I think the best approach would be to:

  1. Re-create that manager email address
  2. From that email address, send to: support AT cloudflare DOT com
  3. You should get an automated reply with a ticket number. Please post that number here.

[Cloudflare Support] 2205356

The best approach would be if you fixed this issue long term, this is the second time I’ve run into it.

I don’t work here. I’m just helping out for free in my spare time.

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