Problems with Cloudflare and Facebook pixel (loaded through popular plugin PixelYourSite)


When I visit Consigue gratis el sistema DESEO, I get the following error in the console related to the initialization of the Facebook pixel:


   Uncaught ReferenceError: fbq is not defined
at <anonymous>:1:1
at (índice):11:5344
at new Promise (<anonymous>)
at RocketLazyLoadScripts._transformScript ((índice):11:5036)
at async RocketLazyLoadScripts._loadScriptsFromList ((índice):11:5437)

Looks like it could be realted to the Rocket Loader™ functionality in Cloudflare…
Any ideas of what’s going on?

It’s as is the PixelYourSite plugin, which is what I use to insert the Facebook plugin, was getting loaded twice.



I’d recommend disabling rocket loader on that path and if it clears the issue then problem solved, or you can also try using Zaraz :slight_smile:

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