Problems with Card Transactions for Domain Transfers Today?

Is anyone else having a problem today with card transactions for domain transfers?

I had the same problem with two separate cards from two separate banks from two separate countries. Both cards have a history of successful Cloudflare transactions.

CARD ONE: N26 Mastercard debit card

I have used this card for hundreds of Cloudflare transactions over the past year. It is tied to an app that alerts you when a transaction has reached their system but has been rejected. I received no such alerts today.

I contacted the card support and they have confirmed that they did not receive any indication of my attempted transactions today. This suggests that the transactions are failing before they leave Cloudflare’s system and reach the payment provider.

CARD TWO: Bank of Ireland Mastercard credit card

Seems to be failing in the same way. Their support says that their system is receiving no attempted transactions from Cloudflare.

My last Cloudflare domain transfer transaction was on the 18th, using the N26 card, no problem at all.

I am wondering if something changed in Cloudflare’s domain transfer or general credit card charging system over the past week or so, or if this problem might be specific to my account only.

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Seems to be globalized.

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