Problems with caching on the

Hello, my name is Vladislav. I have a question. I don’t speak English well, but I hope you understand me.

  1. Why does Cloudflare remove pages from the cache?
  2. How does caching work?
  3. Does Cloudflare respond to page changes?
  4. How to force the cache to be stored permanently?

Cloudflare does not cache pages by default, but if you have APO or a Cache Everything Page Rule, it can cache your page.

  1. It either expires, or does not have much usage.
  2. After several requests for the same resource from the same datacenter, Cloudflare will add the resource to the cache.
  3. You have to purge the cache if you change the content.
  4. You can’t. Cloudflare does not have the space to store everybody’s cached files forever.

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