Problems with bot and CAPTCHA protection system, need help

We are an authorized cybersecurity company offering secure proxy services, with our servers hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
Unfortunately, many websites utilizing Cloudflare’s bot and CAPTCHA protection systems identify our IP addresses as bot traffic.

Could you please provide guidance on how we can allowlist our IP addresses with your service?

There’s no way you can be allowlisted (*) to punch through Cloudflare users’ security settings. It is up to Cloudflare users what they allow and block. GCP, like AWS, Digital Ocean, OVH and other large providers, are a source of a lot of bot traffic so many users block or challenge those ASNs completely.

Cloudflare does track IP reputation as here…

… but again the effect of that score is chosen by users when they choose a security level.

You can see if that affects you by using my test site here…
If that doesn’t show you are challenged at any security level, then you are blocked only by individual user settings. If you are blocked at higher security levels, then those Cloudflare users have chosen that higher security level.

(*) Cloudflare does allow bot operators to apply to be verified as good bots that users can then choose to allow with a switch, but you are a proxy not a bot.

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Thanks for this, let me check on this, it’s helpful, really appreciate the response.

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