Problems with accessing DirectAdmin and receiving emails


I am writing to you because I have been experiencing some problems with accessing DirectAdmin and receiving emails from my domain. I hope you can help me to resolve these issues.

The problem is that when I try to load the DirectAdmin page, after waiting for some time, Safari shows me an error message saying that it could not load the page because the server where it is located does not respond. At the same time, I do not receive any emails from the mail accounts configured on my domain. I can only see the emails from the webmail, where they work fine. Moreover, I cannot even update my website from Sparkle, because when I upload it, it also gives me an error.

I have tried to check the connection, the password, the PIN and the address of DirectAdmin, but everything seems to be correct. I have also contacted my hosting provider and DirectAdmin support, but they did not find any problem with the server or the configuration. They suggested me to contact you, as they think it might be a problem with Cloudflare.

I am using Cloudflare to manage the DNS records and the proxy service for my domain. I have not made any changes to the Cloudflare settings recently, so I do not understand why this problem occurred. Can someone help me to fix it?

I appreciate your attention and your help. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Your name

What’s the URL of the DirectAdmin login page? My suspicion is that it may be using an unsupported port number.

And what’s your site address (if different from the DirectAdmin address)?

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Hi George,

I recently discovered that the problem I am having with my website is related to my Wi-Fi network. I can access my website and email using my mobile data, but not using my Wi-Fi network.

I have checked the settings on my router and firewall and I am unable to find any issues.
I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

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