Problems with a single ISP, no websites accessible

We haven’t touched our domains DNS settings in months. Yesterday we started getting messages from people in our city’s schools that none of our services work. We have confirmed that on the schools WIFI network (shared by all schools in the city) all domains we host on Cloudflare are down, the browsers just print out “server not found” -type error. Everywhere else the domains work fine, even in other networks that are available in the schools.

The response we got from the IT management in the city was:

“It seems that using Googles dns-server we get a “wrong” ip:n 188.114.XXX.XXX and on our own DNS cloudflare’s returns the correct one 172.67.XXX.XXX”.

They are looking into it more but is there something we could do or should check?

Those are both Cloudflare IP addresses so those differing IP addresses are ok.

What is your domain name?

is one.

The school network probably blocked that specific Cloudflare IP, but that is something that only their administrators will be able to tell you.

The reply you got from them is just nonsense.

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