Problems with a .online domain (CF has diffrent moods)

Hi CF users! I have a domain with the .online tld and this giving me problems ever since.
I have to register this domain to cloudflare but after registering the first time, it took the domain as it should and waited a week for pending with no success. A couple of times I tried re-changing the nameservers at the current registrar(alibabacloud) but again no succes.
After deleting the domain to re- register it to maby fix some issues, it gave me the message that this is not an active domain tld. So now i still have no succes and read that the .online domain can’t use vanity nameservers, again i have no clue if this is correct etc. but any tips about this problem would come handy! kind regards, C.

Whats the domain?

2 Likes - its been connected to a plesk server. I again succeeded to register the domain in cloudflare but the same pending problem occured like the last week.

That domain’s DNSSEC configuration is broken

You need to fix that first.

I did not notice this was on! I just moved my domain over with this config from my last registrar I surpose. I turned of the function at my plesk panel and the registrar, now it must be resolving?

It still appears to be on. Turn it off everywhere, at your registrar and Cloudflare.

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