Problems when enabling HTTP proxy to our site

Hello, we set up Cloudflare last friday on our website and we’re having some problems when we enable the “Orange cloud” on the A record for the website.

First of all, there are problems when requesting files to our CDN (CDN77) where we get a 403 error. I changed the security level to the lowest like it’s suggested here: Center/general-faq/using-cdn77-with-Cloudflare but looks like it doesn’t help.

Then we have another problem where we cannot connect to our shop using EmagicOne, we get the following error:
Translation: Please, check the shop URL.
In this client, there’s an option to configure a HTTP proxy for the connection, maybe this is what I’m missing for this problem?

Both of these problems are fixed if we “grey-cloud” the DNS record, so I guess there’s some configuration I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

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