Problems uploading images in my newsletter and Facebook

I’m having some problems with loading images from the website into my Sendinblue newsletter and Facebook network. The featured image for the posts does not appear in either place. I’ve been trying to resolve this with Sendinblue for over a month now and nothing… I tried to resolve with Hostinger and they pointed out that it might be a problem with Cloudflare. I would like to know if the problem is with you and how I can solve it.

We need more information.

For example: how are you attempting to “load” the images “into” xxx & yyy?

The newsletter uses a htm code and inside this code there is a personalized key from Sendinblue to insert the images. Facebook is just the regular copy and past weblink to create a post.

Is hotlink protection enabled in your dash? If it is, disable it. Then try.

I don’t know. Where can I see it?

It’s under Scrape Shield, which is the bottom left menu item in your domain’s settings.


I found it and it was already off… Is there anything else that I can do?