Problems to use Cloudflare with phpBB

I’ve installed a phpBB forum on my wife’s WordPress site (as a subdirectory) and am having ongoing problems all of which seem to be related to caching.

Pages often show the wrong number of posts/topics/replies etc. Topics themselves are missing replies, even for the person who just posted the reply. One of the weirdest side effects is that sometimes the button which should show the current user-name shows either “login” or another user-name.

All of which are explained by one simple thing. Cloudflare is returning cached pages.

I’ve tried several things to prevent this, but nothing seems to work:

I set a Rule for the forum URL (with a wildcard) to set the Cache Level to Bypass. That didn’t work. I also tried No Query String. Also did not work.
For the rule I used wildcards. Initially I had* and then later **

I tried setting the top level Caching Level to No Query String. That did not work.

Checking the response headers I can see cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC which seems to indicate that Cloudflare is not caching? But then it also has x-proxy-cache: HIT which seems to contradict that???

If I add some random extra parameter to the URL it returns an uncached version of the page. Under those circumstances, the response has x-proxy-cache: MISS initially, which then turns to x-proxy-cache: HIT (as one would expect with caching).

In case it’s useful, the response includes cache-control:private, no-cache="set-cookie" which is what is set by phpBB itself.

Not in this case.

This is what I expected to see, as Cloudflare does not cache pages by default.

This is coming from your origin server. You would have to ask your web host about this.

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