Problems to transfer domains to CF - API Error

I am having some troubles to transfer domains to my CF account.
I get status code “422 No Reason phrase”.

{"result":{"message":"Unable to update contact","errors":{}},"success":true,"errors":[],"messages":[]}


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I have the exact same issue when submitting part 3 of the transfer form “Confirm contact info”.

This might be related to:

I got a response from support, changing the phone number format worked for me:

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience here. We are looking into this issue, and our registrar team is working to release a fix, in the meantime could you try the workaround they have given us? More below:

In the contact form please use the phone number in the following format:

Format: +<country code>.<phone number>

Example: +1.123.456.7890

This does not work, and none of the ‘Solutions’ in related threads work. It’s currently not possible to transfer domains due to this bug, opening a new thread.