Problems setting up GoDaddy Domain with Kajabi

Hi, I have spent too much time going around in circles this month. I attempted to set up my DNS servers with names given to me by Kajabi where I want to use it. They obviously use Cloudflare as that is part of the two names given.
I was informed by Kajabi that there was a problem - and had to fill out an abuse report!?!?
When I followed a link to do this they requested a URL, which as my website isn’t up and running I don’t have. I tried using my Domain name but it wouldn’t accept anything that wasn’t a URL.
I contected GoDaddy but they told me that I needed to speak with Kajabi, which I did various times. Each time they direct me back to Cloudflare telling me that I need to find out what the problem is!
I am not at all technical, or computer savvy. I have no idea what the problem is and I find it extremely frustrating that I am being told to resolve this. I am not a client of Cloudflare but I am paying for the Kajabi services which I am unable to make use of.
Can anybody help me, preferably somebody working at Cloudflare that understands, and can fix this!
Thanks in advance, Deborah

Can you give the domain name?

Yes, it’s

Your nameservers are still set to those for Godaddy. You need to log in to your Godaddy account and change them to the 2 nameservers Kajabi have given you which will be of the form		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS
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Thanks for that.
Last time I checked on GoDaddy it had the name servers given to me by Kajabi!
I have tried to change them back but I’ve had to do it by memory because now Kajabi won’t give me name servers for as it says this site is already taken!!!

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