Problems setting up DNS


I just moved from Porkbun to Cloudflare for my register and I am trying to configure DNS properly but I’m having issues.

The site seems to load fine for www and root, but dns checking sites such as whatsmydns don’t see anything but the A and my host keeps telling me my DNS aren’t set correctly.

dnslink for IPFS/IPNS doesn’t work, so<SITE> yields “failed to resolve /ipns/<SITE>: could not resolve name: “” is missing a DNSLink record (

Maybe not related but I also don’t receive the forwarded emails on my gmail even though I did receive the confirmation one and the dashboard says they have been forwarded.

Thank you for any help!

Ok the email is working fine actually it was because of: “Some email clients, such as Gmail, deduplicate emails. An email sent from the same account may not show up in your inbox. We recommend you send your test email from a different address than the destination address you are routing to.”
Annoying stuff gmail does, though I wish Cloudflare would have sent me that when I used an email with a + as destination, and not only when I used the straight email without +, it should know what it means.

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And the DNS issue seems to be related to caching/proxying:

1- For the host and www, them being cached means no CNAME to be found only A, alas my host doesn’t know about it so I had to uncache, verify, cache back. Now of course nothing will show on dns propagation checkers for CNAME but I get why.

2- For dnslink, it seems I have to leave it uncached and then it works, but that I do not understand. Is it because it’s just a link and not an actual web page or something?


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Well I don’t know what happened but now I get:

This page isn’t working

redirected you too many times.

  • Try clearing your cookies.

on base domain and www.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Take a look at suggestion 4 in the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Community Tutorial an ensure that your SSL mode is set to Full (Strict).

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Hello and thank you for the welcome!

Yup that was it, and the linked article even explains why it works that way, thanks a lot!

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