Problems setting up DKIM

Hi, I’m trying to set my DKIM based on information I’m pulling from various places. Then I run a validation on it and it comes back with an error. Can anybody see what I have done incorrectly? Thanks much.

It doesn’t look correctly formatted. It should look like

v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=

followed by the long string of characters.

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The key type field is optional per rfc6376 and defaults to rsa so shouldn’t be the cause of this issue. Could be though, we all know what it’s like with validators not validating to spec, lol.

Think we’d probably need to know the domain in question for a proper analysis but this is a good first step.

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But it’s still missing the field name for p=.

You really should just get the value from your email provider and paste it exactly as provided, though.

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Thank you very much. The domain is if that helps to diagnose the problem.

Lol, missed that the public key tag had been omitted and I literally just gave a course on dkim last week, lol.

@rodgerschip : try:

v=DKIM1; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDipoRrTzgxbE72p8z+C0EJVar8nnPe0W9mtG4RiHXRMGRN1tvXSmoa3//XTTr4OsPDbeV8y57coqG1DpVJMSsQ/J6axRcVOZjh1WcGA0g4j7wvjygVChk/jAVcfFQwFsUkNzNmIOBZwG+V9XQSgFWMDUqSt/8wellmXJkTaXidawIDAQAB

as per @i40west 's analysis. If that fails then yeah, go back and check your provider again as they do normally just give you copypasta.

Thank you all very much…Hopefully, this solves it. See below.
Is there a good primer on all of email and domain technology. I’ve been just feeling around in the dark. I didn’t know what a DKIM was or that I needed one for deliverability. Thanks again.

It looks good now, and it verifies here.

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